Back from Kid 'n Ewe

Kid 'n Ewe was a hoot, like it always is.  We love to see our friends who also have booths there - Jim Hokett of Hokett Would Work, Christine of Spinning Straw into Gold, Lorelei of Heritage Arts and the 'batt girls".  OK.  The batt girls do have real names but that's what we call them.  Mary and Sally are sisters and together are Butterfly Girl Designs.  They have fun things in their booth beyond just art batts of spinning fiber but that's what we buy.   Then there's Brooks Farm Yarns, Lisa Shell of Kai Mohair, Sony Hartley of Knitting Lagniappe and some new friends Denise and Chris of Lost City Knits.  Gail White of Ozark Carding Mill has the booth next to us, Mike and Brenda Harrower of Woodspinner were is the next building along with Susan Frick of Yarnorama.  All in all a really great group of vendors.

Our sales were down a bit this year as was the attendance.  No big surprise given the wide ranging economic woes.  But we had nice repeat business and we love that fact that people search us out at these shows.

We got home Sunday night after a very busy four days of loading, driving, unloading, unpacking, smiling, packing, loading and driving.  OK.  In point of fact, Mike, Peggy's husband did all the driving so we were excused from that chore.  And we thank Mike muchly!  Monday was my birthday and I took the day off from unloading.  Tuesday my 2 year old grandson was here for the day and Wednesday my 10 month old granddaughter was here.  Thursday I pretty much collapsed and did nothing except run goats to the vet.  More about that tomorrow.  But here we are on Friday.  Bless my wonderful husband for helping me get the trailer unloaded!  Of course, now the studio is a wreck but it is definitely progress.

So now the job is unpacking all the yarn, tools and finished goods and get them put away in the studio.  All the black trash bags full of fiber will get taken up to the loft for storage until out next spinning show.

Our next show is the first weekend in December at the El Campo Christmas Mall.  The venue is lovely with good temperature control, great bathrooms, easy close parking and very nice people.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by.  We would love to see you.

The bottom line on Kid 'n Ewe was very positive.  I was tickled to have my daughter there to get an idea of what we do when we go away to these shows.  She was concerned about not being able to answer questions from our customers about the products but she is charming and helpful and knows how to say "I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that question but let me find out for you".  You can't have better than that.  And if she wants to come and help at any more of our shows she will continue to pick up the information very quickly.  She's a very bright person.

Thanks to all our customers who made the show a success!