Merry Christmas!

In other years I would be exhausted by this time on Christmas afternoon.  This year it's been a nice calm and quiet day.  We pushed our Christmas celebration up by one day due to the various other celebrations my kids and their spouses were going to attend.  It can become complicated when there are additional families involved - in-laws and step parents, grandparents and good friends.  Fortunately, I'm not the least bit unhappy about having Thanksgiving a week early or late or Christmas early or late.  As long as my husband, my kids, their spouses and my grandkids can get together for the holidays, I'm happy.  The exact date is not relevent.  We had a blast and I sincerely hope your festivities are/were just as wonderful.

So I have spent today out here in the studio, happily weaving.  I'm trying to get my curtain fabric woven off.  I have windows that need clothing and want to set the loom up for something different.  This run of curtains won't cover all my windows but will do a nice job of getting them done.   And I have some lovely alpaca yarn that would really love to be woven into a throw.  The plan is to do my first double weave so the throws will be closer to 70" on my 40" wide loom.  I'm excited to be starting something new and different.