Puppy Update - Day 6

What was I thinking wanting a puppy?  How can one little puppy produce so much pee and poop?  And how can she be so good at hiding it around the house?  Yikes!  Puppies are a mess!

On the positive side Sadie has figured out the leash and generally walks well.  When she decides that I'm being too directorial she grabs the leash in her mouth so I won't be able to pull on her neck.  She is excited when I grab the leash and is beginning to understand that she'll get out the door more quickly if she sits still and lets me attach it to her collar.  Despite the little presents she insists on leaving me around the house, she hasn't messed in her crate once.

Come Sunday we will be able to let her run.  She is already chasing and returning her toys in the house so I think there is retriever in there.  She figured out how to get off the porch of the studio the second time she was out here.  Cash was in and out of this studio for the entire three years it's been here and never figured out how to push the screen doors open.  Smart is a great thing until it isn't.  The jury is still out on whether Sadie's smart are a good thing.