Puppy Update - Day 32

It looks more and more likely that both Sadie and I will survive her puppy-hood.  She is mostly house trained although she piddles anytime a new person comes and speaks to her.  We had our one year old grand-daughter for a couple of days last weekend and that turned out to be wonderful and difficult.  Amilia loves Sadie and Sadie loves Amilia - a good thing.  But Sadie hasn't learned any manners yet and Amilia is just a toddler.  We kept one or the other of them behind bars for most of the time.  Amilia has a large collapsible fence that will go around the coffee table in the living room and is large enough to include most of the rug so she had lots of room to walk around or lie down or play without Sadie being able to get to her.  Sadie has her crate.  No matter which of them were enclosed they talked through the fence/crate.  Amilia loves having her fingers licked - not terribly sanitary but the laughter is infectious.

I've gone back to walking each morning.  Sadie is slowly learning that the short leash means no sniffing or tracking or playing - just walking with me either up the road or around on our property.  She is much calmer in the evenings on the days we walk.  I'm sure its doing us both some good.

Sadie's feet are getting bigger - not so big yet that I need to assume she will be 100 pounds, fortunately.  At CAPS they suggested she would be 50 pounds.  Forty pounds would make me happier but I don't have much control over that.