Finally Rain!

Two years ago we had a horrible drought.  Last year we had some rain early in the spring and had a comfortable summer - at least comfortable in terms of grass and trees growing and not being in immediate danger of dying.  But last fall it stopped raining and we've had precious little rain since.  Even the days that it's rained in Houston and Katy, it hasn't rained here.  Yesterday we had about 30 seconds of rain - just enough to leave polka dots on the ponies backs.

It's raining now!  If the predictions are correct (when are they ever?) we could have a couple of inches of rain over the next 36 hours.  I had put off feeding the livestock this evening till it was almost dark and then I heard the thunder.  I rushed out to feed the ponies, feed the sick goat in the barn and open up the gates so the llamas, alpacas and the rest of the goats could take shelter in the barn.  They all have shelters out in the pastures but there is water and hay inside the barn and I think they appreciate that.  I'm sure the llamas would prefer the goats be put in stalls with the gates closed but they'll just have to work out the logistics of sharing the barn.