Checking In

My friend Steve Harris called me last Friday to find out if I was OK.  Steve reads my blog and noticed I hadn't posted anything since the 5th of April.  I assured him I was fine.  Blogs are funny things.  Over the last couple of months I've always had a couple of great blog ideas swimming around in my brain and have had to remind myself on several occasions that one blog per day is a reasonable maximum.  My life just isn't interesting enough for two-a-day posts.  But this past month I've been sort of dry of ideas.  Both my husband and I have been catching up on our routine medical visits and tests and that has kept my mind off blog ideas.

We have had a nice month.  Saturday April 13th was the Spring Picnic in Sealy, TX.  This is a fairly new event and it hasn't quite found its niche yet.  We have had a great time each of the three years but the focus has changed some over that time.  This year we had Civil War era re-enactors shooting musket loaders and cannon.  They were wonderful!

Peggy and I

sat at our spinning wheels for the day in the shade under a large oak tree and talked to all sorts of people young and old.

April 19-21 was the Yellow Rose Fiber Festival in Seguin, TX.  This is also a fairly new event but much larger than Sealy.  It's in a fabulous facility, the Seguin-Guadalupe County Coliseum adjacent to Max Starcke Park,  with great heating/AC and wonderful bathrooms.  Yes, the bathrooms become very important when you spend three fairly long days at a facility.  We see all sorts of friends among the other vendors and the attendees.  This year we stayed in the guest house of a great family who live about 15 miles outside of Seguin.  We were surrounded in the night by 65 or so llamas, turkeys, longhorn cattle, miniature horses, full sized horses and even a couple of alpacas.  It was great.  It did mean that when our friend Connie was looking for a room to share for Saturday night, we only had the couch to offer.  I guess it was fine because she didn't complain at all in the morning.

As usual, the show was great - it's the packing and unpacking, loading and unloading which always makes me feel my age.  Bless Peggy for being younger and having more stamina.  Also for planning the trailer loading.  It's all to her that the trailer doesn't do funny stuff like walking off the road.

This was the first show for our brand new trailer.  You may remember that our old trailer left us on the side of the road back in January on our drive home from Oxford, MS.  We had overloaded the trailer and the single axle just couldn't take it.  The new trailer is 1 foot wider, 2 feet longer, a double axle style and has a much larger weight load capacity.  We love it!  I have been informed by Peggy that filling the trailer up is NOT a goal to which we aspire.

And today, Steve Harris came to show me what he's been working on.  Steve is the one who bought my huge Cranbrook loom and he's been working hard to learn how to weave.  His selvages are worthy of envy.