We have a clothesline strung between two trees outside our dye studio.  That's where we hang our yarn after it's been dyed, washed and rinsed.  It's also where the tie-dyed t-shirts go to dry.  Up until recently that was about all it was used for.  Over the last several months I've noticed my clothes come out of the dryer smelling something other than fresh.  It's sort of a musty smell that you shouldn't get on clean clothes.  I assumed it was the washing machine that needed to be cleaned so I did that weekly for 5 weeks.  It finally dawned on me that it couldn't be the washer and must be the dryer.  I think the problem is that the vent doesn't vent they way it should and there is moisture left in the dryer.  The repairman has been called but won't be here for another week or so.

Given our horribly hot weather and complete lack of rain, hanging my clothes out on the line seems like a really good idea.  My dear husband picked up some large screw eyes and clothesline and we revamped our outdoor drying system.  With the screw eyes we managed to get three separate clotheslines up all at the proper height.  Yea!

It's been a week or so now that I've been hanging all my clothes on the line to dry.  I love the texture of clothes hung outside and they all smell great.  Oddly, I've discovered something interesting about my approach to all of this.  I can be slightly compulsive about some things and it seems hanging out clothes should probably go on that list.  All the socks need to have the toes turned in the same direction.  All the under ware are hung by the right side seam and always on the center clothes line.  All the kitchen towels need to lap over the line the same amount.  All the sheets need to be hung in the same direction.

Hauling wet clothes out to the clothesline is hard work, especially if you have been sick.  I need to do it in stages and rest in between but it seems to get done and I love it.