Catching up..... again....

It's been an interesting fall.  Being sick during the summer really took a lot out of me - more than I realized at the time.  Peggy and I both have husbands who had surgery over the summer and I was presented a wonderful little grandson.  A very full summer all in all.  The fall has been just as eventful.  I've had a surgery scheduled, canceled and rescheduled.  Fortunately, I'm not at all sick, it's just removing some non-functioning parts and tweaking what remains.  Both Peggy and I have been working very hard at slowing down and reducing our stress levels.  It always sounds easier than it is.  It's amazingly fortunate that this was the year we decided to reduce our shows a bit.  We didn't realize at the time that we would really need a breather.

Also this fall I've made some real changes to how and what I eat.  This is another thing that's not as easy as it sounds.  I did it initially to loose some weight but I've discovered I really do feel better without grains, dairy and sugar in my life.

Crazy Sadie is turning out to be a good dog.  I almost hate to say that out loud for fear she will hear me and turn back into a maniac.  She goes out with me every morning to feed the animals so she gets some exercise which surely has a lot to do with her increasing calmness.  Now understand, she ate one of my brand new shoes a couple of days ago so there is still work to do.

There is still a hole my heart where my daughter's pony Eclipse once frolicked.  I miss him every day I go out to feed.  He's been gone for over six weeks now and finally I have stopped being startled by the fact that he isn't there.  All the rest of the livestock are fine.

This is the biggest show season of our year and we are working at getting ready for that.  After a couple of years away, we will be involved with the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Fall Show & Sale later this month.  We are both working on getting our weaving done and getting all the items hemmed and pressed and labeled.  If you can drop by the Guild House in Chelsea Market between Tues Oct 22nd and Sat Oct 26th, please come and enjoy the fruits of our labors and the labor of the wonderful weavers and spinners who belong to CHH.  We will have hand spun yarn, hand dyed yarn, hand woven scarves and shawls and kitchen towels and bread cloths for sale.

We will be at Kid 'n Ewe in Boerne, TX Nov 8-10 as well as demonstrating at Liendo Plantation in Hempstead at the Civil War Re-enactment the weekend before Thanksgiving.  December 5-7 we will be at the Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza in Hot Springs, AR.  This is our first time at this show but we've heard wonderful things about it so we are excited.