Curtains and Face Cloths

I've had curtain fabric on my favorite loom for quite a while.  The first run of 15 yards has long since been cut up and hung up on various windows in my house.  The second run of 15 yards was woven off much faster than the first run in part because I have embraced end feed shuttles which give me better selvages much faster.

Like all hand woven fabric, the curtain material came off the loom stiff and somewhat harsh.  And 15 yards of 38" wide cotton and linen is a heavy stack of fabric!  I surged the ends and stuffed it all in my washing machine.

The color hasn't changed at all but the material is now soft and sort of rumpled looking.  It will need to be measured, cut into sections and hemmed before it's washed again.  By that time it will be curtains rather than fabric.  I'll stretch the curtains and let them dry outside in the breeze.  Then they'll be ready to hang on my windows.  I won't have enough fabric to do all my windows but I should be able to finish my office and the eating area next to the kitchen.  I'm not sure it I will be able to tackle the living room since it has three very tall windows.   We'll see just how far my 15 yards will go.

My favorite loom didn't stay empty very long.  The same night I pulled the curtain fabric off, the warp for my face cloths started to go on.  These are for the CHH Fall Sale which opens Oct 22nd.  I have 15 of these face cloths listed on my inventory sheet for the sale and I think I'll get them all woven and hemmed with no problems.

This is one of my favorite weaving patterns.  It's a waffle weave.  When it's woven using yarn that shrinks some, it will pucker up into a great waffle shape when it's washed.  These face cloths are woven in linen or hemp and linen so it's not going to pucker up much.  Linen and hemp don't shrink at all.  It should give a face cloth with enough texture to feel really wonderful - sort of like using a very mild and gentle exfoliant.  At least that's the plan.