Dead Mule

I love my Kawasaki Mule.  It hauls feed around the property twice a day and can carry up to 5 bales of hay as needed.  It's not street legal so I don't take it down the road to the feed store but it goes all over our property.   It's great for tours of the place as well as every day chores.

Last week it ran out of gas when I was getting ready to haul feed around.  I grabbed a couple of small gas cans and filled it up but then when I turned the key all I got was a clicking noise.  Well, rats!  I mentioned it to my husband and went on back outside to walk the feed around to all the animals.  I've been walking the feed around twice a day for the last 4 days.

Ron pulled the battery and decided he would just get a new one rather than trying to charge up this old one.  Unfortunately, our local Kawasaki dealer has long since moved on and the battery is pretty specific.  He couldn't find a replacement so decided to try charging this one.

This morning I got tired of walking all over the property and decided to just use my car.

The animals got fed although I did get quite a few odd looks from them, and the battery perked up this afternoon.... 

At least it worked fine in the mule this evening.  I'm hopeful for tomorrow morning although I can always use the car again if needed.