I'm not sure how all the dominoes were set up to fall but I know the following things all had something to do with it.  I received a notice from Microsoft that as of April 8th of this year they will no longer support the Microsoft XP operating system.  That would refer to my laptop computer - the one I use exclusively for Sky Loom Weavers.  It has our accounting program; it houses all the photos for my blog and for the website.  It's all pretty important stuff.  OK.  That means I will need a new computer or at least a new operating system.

My old Sony camera has been slowing down. It's one of those cameras where the lens pops out when you turn it on and sucks back in when you turn it off.  Only now the lens is moving really really really slowly.  It's a 4 megapixel digital camera that we've had for more than 10 years and it's seen a lot of work and travel.  Time to replace the old camera with one that was bigger, better and faster.

Then there was my current Kaspersky anti-virus software that needed to be replaced on my desk top computer that lives in my house.  This is where it all started to go wrong.  I bought the new software but couldn't get it to install properly.  I called the Kaspersky help line and had several people over two days try to help me but to no avail.  I finally took my computer into Bits & Bytes which is my local computer repair place in Katy,TX.  I love Bits & Bytes.  They have done lots of different jobs for us over the last 20 years and we've bought lots of computers and accessory equipment from them.  They said my operating system was corrupted and needed to be reinstalled.  Yikes!  Bad news.  That means deleting everything on the computer and then trying to put it all back.  I took them all the software I could find for them to reinstall for me.  Of course, that's only half the battle.  There is all that other software that I was running but couldn't lay my hands on, all the software I had downloaded but didn't have hard copies of, not to mention all the settings that I had finally gotten just the way I wanted them.  Harrumph!

I bought a new camera and a new laptop.  The camera is bigger, faster and wonderful. It's 20 megapixels and while it's much larger is size, it's lighter in weight than my old camera.  The laptop is smaller in size and weight but bigger in capacity and speed and wonderful.  And yet, here I sit trying to get all the software loaded.  It drives me nuts!  I finally got all the photos of shearing the goats last weekend uploaded to the computer but I haven't figured out yet the most efficient way to get them to the correct size for this blog.  I think I finally have Microsoft Office working but my email seems to be intermittent.  Yes, it's driving me nuts.  Yes, I will get it all worked out.  Eventually.

When the dominoes all fall down you just have to work to pick them all up again.