Sunday in the country

What a fabulous day!  I'm out in the studio with the windows and doors open to let in the cool breeze.  Outside I can hear Luis working in the barn.  Luis started working for me when he was a just a kid, cleaning out stalls in the barn and scrubbing out water troughs.  Over the years he has finished school, gotten married, had a baby, gotten divorced - in other words he has had a pretty normal life.  He continues to show up at my place on the weekends occasionally to clean and mow and scrub.  Right now he is mucking out the barn.  I'm getting ready to do a thorough spring cleaning including power washing the stalls and central barn aisle.  The goats are getting ready to go back across the property to their pastures.  My wonderful husband is out by the front gate with a brush and a can of black paint giving the gate a new lease on life.

Meanwhile, I'm in the studio weaving away on my latest run of kitchen towels.  These are done in the same pattern as the blankets I did before Christmas.

I'm being serenaded as I weave by John Denver, Guy Clark and Roseanne Cash.  The sun is shining.  The breeze is cool and the spring plants are all starting to grow and flower.  What could be better?