This last Monday afternoon Sky Loom Weavers made it's debut at the AAPG Convention.  The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, or AAPG, is the professional association for American geologists of which my dear husband is a long standing member.  I was even a member back in the days that I was doing geology.  Peggy and I were set up in the Hospitality Suite at the Hilton Hotel adjacent to the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.  We had Peggy's spinning wheel, various drop spindles and several Cricket looms all set up and ready to be played with.  We attracted a nice group of women who tried their hands at weaving and watched attentively as Peggy explained about spinning.  The hotel staff were all wonderful; the AAPG folks were great; the venue was lovely and most importantly we all had a great time.

AAPG Convention - CHECK!

Tuesday was spring cleaning day out here.  No, not the house or even the barn.  This was the spring cleaning for all the animals.  The vet arrived and laid hands on all of my livestock.  The goats got their rabies and CDT shots.  The llamas and alpacas got their rabies shots.  I have mentioned that I live in Rabies Central for Colorado County and my way of dealing with this is to make sure that all the animals are protected.  The Welsh ponies got all their annual shots including rabies and had blood drawn for the Coggins test which is required for any gathering of horses like shows and also for transporting.  My ponies don't leave the property but they might have to at some point so we always keep them current on the required tests/shots.  Both ponies' teeth looked great so no need to have them floated.  We also pulled fecal samples from all the goats, llamas and alpacas and they all came back negative.  Yes!

Livestock Spring Cleaning - CHECK!

One of the best things we ever did was hire a tax accountant.  I had always done our taxes and done a pretty good job of it but when we set up not one but two corporations I knew we needed help.  Corporate rules are very different than personal rules when it comes to paying taxes and I didn't want to study hard enough to learn them all.  It was a great decision. As of today, our corporate and personal taxes are all filed and paid.  Even the bill from the accountant for her services has been paid.

Spring Taxes Filed and Paid - CHECK!

One of my main goals for last week was to finish weaving the run of blue/natural kitchen towels I had on the loom.  I wanted them all finished for the AAPG gig on Monday.  I managed to get all of them woven and half of them hemmed in time for Monday's meeting and have finished the remaining ones this week.  They look great as do the new towels Peggy finished.

We are both putting new warps on our looms so we can get started on the next fun project.

New Kitchen Towels For Sale - CHECK!

Tomorrow Peggy and I will be in Sealy, TX for the 2014 Spring Picnic sponsored by the Sealy Historical Society.  The festivities run Friday through Sunday although we will only be there on Saturday from 10 am until about 4 pm.  We will be demonstrating spinning on our spinning wheels and weaving on our small Cricket looms.  We will also have some of our finished goods for sale. Come by and enjoy the fun things going on in Sealy this weekend.ealy 2014 Spring Picnic - I can't check this one off yet, since it hasn't happened yet.  I'm on my way out to load up the car right now....