New Warp

Someone, I think it was the Yarn Harlot aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, said that knitters are always looking forward to the next great project, which will be perfect and as a result are bored and have trouble finishing what's on their needles right now.   I know what she's talking about.  As I get close to then of a warp, whether complicated or simple, I get bored with the process and can't seem to get it finished fast enough.  I always have something in mind to go back on the loom if I can just force myself to finish what's there now.  Of course, what's there now was going to be the very best and most perfect fabric ever - at least it was when I was forcing myself to finish the last thing on the loom...

The lovely natural and blue kitchen towels, woven in the blanket pattern, are woven off and finished up.  They are now a happy stack of kitchen towels ready to go to a new home.  The next warp is finally on the loom.

I've warped this run of towels specifically for my friend Deb Folks.  Deb is our web designer and is currently finishing up the details on our new website.  I can't wait to see it.  Deb did our current website years back but it was time for an update since much has changed in the world of websites and searches.  We want Google to always put our website on the first page when anyone searches for things we have for sale.  To do that we have to meet their many criteria.  That's what's happening on Deb's end.

I'm busy trying to match a towel Deb got from us a while back.  We don't usually run to repeats but for a special friend almost anything is possible.  I have gotten the warp on the loom but have had to order the weft yarn.  It's a wonderful hand painted linen that blends the bold colors in the warp nicely.  I expect it to arrive in the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I'm weaving a standard pinwheel design with the same yarns that are in the warp.

The pinwheel pattern is a bit hard to see when the fabric is on the loom but once it's washed it will stand out beautifully.  Yes, it's on to the perfect fabric, yet again!