Rain Day

Growing up the best thing in the world was a snow day.   I'm a lot older now and heavy snow doesn't have the appeal it once did.  But a rain day?  That's wonderful!

I managed to get out and feed all the livestock early enough this morning that the rain hadn't started yet.  It was cloudy and vaguely threatening but not raining.  All day long it was alternately dripping or sprinkling or raining or it was a true deluge.  Our ever so expensive rain gauge isn't working (yes, there is a story there that I'll talk about some other time) so I don't know for sure how much our rain total is for the day.  I would guess it's somewhere around 3 inches but I could be off by quite a bit.  I didn't even think about getting the ponies their second feeding until the sun broke through about 7:30 this evening so I got to feed without rain for the second time today!

We had our grandsons for most of the past weekend.  At 3 1/2 years and 11 months, they require a lot of time and energy but are truly wonderful.  My daughter and her husband got back here to pick them up about noon yesterday.  They had enjoyed a nice couple of nice non-kid days down at the beach with no little ones setting times and limits on everything.  I do remember the joy of going to the bathroom all by myself when it was possible.

Peggy was here yesterday also.  We packed and loaded most of what we'll be taking to our spin-in next weekend.  It is the annual spinner's retreat for SWIC.  That's Spinners & Weavers of Imperial Calcasieu Parrish Louisiana.  We love this show.  The ladies are welcoming and generous and it's hard not to have a great time when they love our stuff and are so glad we are there!  And it's not much more than a four hour drive from my place so the travel isn't too bad.

We really lucked out with the weather yesterday.  Peggy and I packed and loaded the trailer.  My son-in-law put new blades on my mower and moved the trailer out onto the gravel in anticipation of this rain.  The grandsons got to play outside and my daughter was here to help.  And then the rain came today.  It's supposed to be raining all week long and we can really use it!