Endings and Beginnings

Right now we are in the transition between endings and beginnings.  Our spring show season just ended with two fun fiber events - a spinning retreat the last weekend in May in central Louisiana with the Spinners and Weavers of Imperial Calcasieu Parish and the Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta this last weekend in Seguin, TX.  Both were fun and inspirational.  Our next show is scheduled for September 21st in Hot Springs. AR so we have time to spin and weave and dye between now and then.

Our new website went live week before last.  It's a great new beginning with new photos, new pages for products and new information we want to share with spinners, weavers and dyers.  This also marks the new beginning of the real work this summer.  I'll be adding products to the website.  That sounds so easy when it's just one small, short sentence but it will be a huge amount of work.  Fortunately, Schacht Spindle Company provides us with images of all their products so if we decide not to take our own photos we have nice ones ready to go.

Peggy and I will be taking pictures of all our dyed and hand spun yarn as well as all our finished goods.  We have a huge selection of kitchen towels just waiting to be photographed.  Peggy and I have both been busy weaving but we also have towels woven by Charlene Schurch.  You may well recognize Charlene's name from her very successful sock knitting books.  She has turned her attention from knitting to weaving and really jumped into the new craft with both feet.  Her weaving technique is wonderful and she has a color sense different enough from Peggy's or mine that her towels are a wonderful addition to ours.  We are excited to offer them on our website.

My endings and beginnings for today are pretty simple.  My wonderful husband helped me unloaded the trailer this morning so I have boxes and bags and tubs and baskets piled all around me in the studio.   As is often the case, when the studio is in complete disarray I get a wild hair to rearrange furniture.  Yes, that's what I'm doing right now.  I have some metal cubbies to put together and find a place for in the studio.  Peggy and I decided carrying them to all the shows and never using them made very little sense.  I'm working on a place for them in the studio.

We have a great new addition to the front porch.  Our new greeter is Oscar the goat.  We found him at the Buc-ee's near Luling, TX on our way to the fiber festival last weekend.  Isn't he wonderful?  He will be there to say Hello and Welcome the next time you stop by Sky Loom Weavers.

It may take me the rest of this week to get the studio back together but then it's on to the website!!