After five years of horrible drought, this past summer has been surprisingly wet.  We have had rains come through week after week - not the amount of rain that Houston has gotten but rain nonetheless.  We are no where near making up for all the rain we should have had over the last years and the trees are well aware of it.  We may see more and more trees die in the next few years because of this long standing lack of enough water.  But on the bright side, we have had enough rain to keep the grass growing and to keep us out of horrible fire danger. Here in Colorado County we have been under a burn ban for most of the summer so no one is burning their trash or tree trimmings.  But we have been spared the constant worry of pastures catching fire and livestock being injured.

This is not what we expect late September to look like.  But I'm thrilled to see it!

Here is another interesting texture from Spain.  Pretty cool.