Bless Steve

I got a call from Steve this morning.  I don't know Steve and have no idea what his last name is although he did give it to me.  Steve sounded fresh and full of life so he might be a young man.  Or he may be much older and thrilled with finally being retired.  I have no idea to which generation he belongs.   He said he was looking for things to see on a day trip.  I don't know how he found me or my phone number and I don't know who else is included in the "we" he used several times.  Girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter, mother?  Any and all are possibilities.   I explained that we do not have a store front, that we work out of my studio and that we are open by appointment. My plan for the day was to sit and weave and I told him that also.  Steve made sure he knew how to find my studio and said he would call if they decided to stop by.  What a nice conversation to have!

I had told Steve that we were just recently back from a show so the studio was sort of a wreck but to please consider stopping by.  Then I did exactly what you would expect... like when you realize the preacher is going to stop by... I rushed out to the studio to clean up.

I moved commercial yarn out of the way so I could hang up the scarves and put away the fiber.  I managed to get all the wooden tools and boxes and bowls neatly back in the Hoosier cabinet.  I cleaned off my desk and table, organized the huge pile of pirns and bobbins over by the bobbin winder and stuffed quite a bit of stuff into the closet.  I vacuumed the floor and swept the porch.  I even wiped up the coffee spills.  This was not a thorough cleaning by any stretch of the imagination but the place is neater and cleaner and significantly more presentable now.

I must admit that the closet is pretty much full to the rafters.  I've been picking fleeces to send off and be processed so I have the white fleece box and the charcoal grey fleece box and the morrit fleece box and the silver grey fleece box all stacked in the closet.  None of them are ready to send off yet but at least now they aren't under foot either.  Of course, I can't get into the closet but for now that's fine.

So bless Steve.  He has gotten me up off my derriere and gotten me moving.  He has jostled me into cleaning up and putting away and now my studio is free and clean rather than claustrophobic and scary.  Steve has done me a great service whether he shows up today or not, whether he buys anything when he comes or not.  Thank you, Steve wherever you are!