Happy Thanksgiving to all!  We hope you had a great day spent with family and friends.  Both Peggy and I had smaller than normal crews for dinner this year.   In my case, both our kids were off doing other things, either with others sets of parents or at their respective deer leases.  Going to the deer lease over the Thanksgiving weekend is a concept I have gotten very used to down in this part of the country.  I didn't grow up with any hunters in the family but I am a big believer in venison backstrap and sausage so there are no complaints here.  We have scheduled the Nelson family Thanksgiving dinner for next weekend.

Having a long and quiet weekend meant we could spend time putting our house back in order - literally.  Now that the downstairs ceilings have been repaired and painted and the plastic has come down it's time to get organized.   We dusted and moved furniture around in part just getting things back to where they belong but also in anticipation of the Christmas tree.  Our hardwood floors are old and we already have some nails popping through so refinishing them is not an option.  We polished them up and will put off new floors as long as we can.

Black Friday?  No, not so much.  I did a bit of online shopping but did not try to get within 10 miles of a shopping center or big box store.  I happily stayed out on the property cleaning organizing and weaving.

Today is Small Business Saturday so I am in the studio weaving.  Come on out if you are anywhere near.