We are now open for our very first day of regular business hours.  It's daunting in some weird way.  In my youth, well I was married and going to college at the time, I was an Avon Lady for about 10 minutes.  For some odd reason I thought I could go door to door, back in the days when that's what Avon Ladies did, and sell Avon products.  I liked the products so how hard could it be?  Seriously?  I was completely insane.  I hated every moment of it.  I got all dressed up and had my kit carefully packed with the new items for this week.  The very first front walk was so short when I wanted it to be miles long because I didn't want to ever get to the front door.  And then I had to knock on the door.  It was hopelessly impossible for me to have that kind of job.  I've always had trouble with cold calls and salesmanship that is confrontational.

On the other hand, I'm pretty good with people.  I love being in our booth at fiber festivals.  It's easy for me to talk to people as they wander past.  Or rush out into the aisle to touch someone's beautiful hand made sweater or shawl.  I'm helpful and encouraging.  We have made it company policy to only carry things in our booth that we really love and can be unreservedly enthusiastic about so we are generally unreservedly enthusiastic.  It's hard work but it's fun.  We meet great people, see wonderful hand made treasures and are continuously inspired.

Here I am in my studio which is sort of like our booth at a festival but I have a coffee pot and a tea kettle and a bathroom and all my looms and some spinning wheels.  How cool is that?   Not quite so many people wandering by as at a festival but anyone who is willing to drive out to my house is motivated, dedicated and someone I really want to see and talk to.  This is great!