Nesting and Blooming

The Swifts have been darting around, chasing each other and looking for the best nesting sights.  They usually build their muddy nests on top of our flood lights but the first one I've seen so far is up in the rafters where an electric line goes into the building.

The roses are busy blooming,

as are the Azaleas.

The Madder is putting out leaves,

as is the fig.

The Pecan trees have just barely begun to put out leaves.

The Loquat trees are setting fruit

Among the most promising - I think the skunk has left the building! The strong smell was gone in the barn by the middle of last week but it still smelled pretty awful outside the barn, both in the front and the back.  I left the lights on and the radio blaring until early this week. No more smell anywhere around so I turned everything off.  I think we're good for now.