Happy Friday!

What a great morning!  The sun is shining with a cool breeze and nice dry air for a change.  No fog, no rain, no clouds.  We have a rain gauge in our front garden and so far over the last three weeks we have logged over 15 inches of rain.  That's a minimum amount since we don't always check it as often as we should.  During last weekend's deluge the rain gauge was brim full for part of the rain storm.  We appreciate every drop of rain, too!

We have a new sign hanging proudly on the fence out on the street this morning.  I love it.  While it doesn't have our logo, which is pretty complicated to hand paint onto a sign, it is bright and welcoming and lists the pertinent information - We are open today!

I have grown to love hand painted signs.  We now have several including two open signs.  This one is corrugated aluminum and hangs on the porch.

This one is reclaimed wood and hangs next to the front steps.

And we have a third sign that hangs on the side porch.

And I don't want to forget Oscar.  He used to stand next to the front door but has moved out to the studio's front garden.

Yes, this is a great day!  All the animals have been fed and they are all looking spring-time spritely.  There is washing on the new clothesline.  It's sunny and bright and cool outside and I'm in the studio weaving some wonderful rugs that I'll talk about soon.  I hope your day and your weekend are wonderful!