This wonderful loom has been sold!

I learned to weave on a Macomber loom.  When it came time for my grandmother and I to finish up our week of weaving classes at The Penland School of Craft she bought a 32" Macomber 4 shaft Ad-a-Harness loom to be shipped back to Chicago.  That first weaving class happened when I was 13 years old and I wove on that wonderful loom all the way through high school.  It lived with my parents through my college years but when I came home to get married, my father informed me that we were taking the loom with us to Texas.  Decades later when I got back into weaving I realized that 32" just wasn't quite wide enough to make me happy.  It worked great for the curtains I wove in high school but my perspectives had been expanded and I really needed a wider loom.  This 48" loom is what I wanted.

Macomber makes a solid sturdy loom with heavy iron parts that don't break or wear out.  At least we never broke anything on my old loom despite the many times it was loaded and unloaded into a trailer to move from one house to another or hauled upstairs or down in some redecorating scheme of mine.  I had my Macomber for over 50 years and it's still going strong to this day in Oxford, MS.

Here are the particulars on this Macomber ...

48" weaving width, 4 harnesses with room for 4 more if you want to add them, a couple of reeds, weaving bench, warping board, warping reel, various boat and stick shuttles and buckets of weaving yarn.  The asking price is $1500.  It's a steal.  For any additional questions, please call Willie Ellis at 713-409-8894 or let me know and I'll pass the questions on to Willie.