CHH Guild Meeting

The Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Guild has been trying something new this spring.  Starting with last month's meeting, the normal 3rd Thursday of the month meeting has been rescheduled for the 3rd Saturday.  The Thursday night meetings have been the order of the day since the organization started having monthly meetings decades ago.  There has always been talk of having meetings on Saturday but the logistics of a weekend meeting never worked out properly until the guild had it's own space.  Now that we have a great space of our own we can schedule meetings anytime we want them.  Yes, that is power!

The first Saturday meeting was a rousing success with about twice as many attendees as usual.  The second Saturday meeting was also a success and I would like to think we had something to do with that.  Peggy and I were there to give a presentation called the "Magic of Natural Dyes".  We had a blast. 

Peggy put together a wonderful Power Point presentation with lots of images of natural dye plants along with examples of the colors they produce on yarn.  It was a wonderful display.  We also had a nice selection of dye materials on the table along with natural dye books and examples of yarn and we dyed and shawls we have woven using natural dyes.

Cappuccino is one of out shawls - the grey/brown yarn is dyed with coffee and a little iron, the yellow is marigolds and the orange is Osage Orange. 

We had great interaction with the group and I learned as much about natural dyes from them as I hope they did from us.