The Shearer and a Bernie Update

Today was shearing day.  Stephen Franco, who I love dearly for his skill at shearing goats who would rather not be involved with the process, thank you very much, got here early in the afternoon and managed my three goats in just a few of minutes.  All three look clean and fresh and hairless.  The diary goats all had their feet trimmed - another instance of goats not wanting to be involved.  Stephen is calm and quick and confident so the job is done with minimum hysteria for all two legged and four legged participants.

Stephen gave me a A+ since both Parker and Orion were completely louse and mite free, clean and sleek.  Shakespeare, my old goat, had a certain amount of scale on his skin but that is pretty normal for him and it's better this year than last.  All in all a good report.

Bernie Update - Thank you all for asking about how she is doing.  I talked to the vet this afternoon. Bernie is up and moving better and is much more watchful and aware of what's going on around her, but she is not out of the woods yet.  She feels better in part because of the medications he has her on and the IV which has her nicely hydrated.  We should know tomorrow or Sunday if she is really responding well to her treatments and therefor has a good chance of recovery.  I will let you know.