Peggy and I got together this past Saturday to dye some fiber.  We have been running low on dyed fiber and needed to get busy before the fiber festivals start up again next month.  Somehow we managed to only dye Panda - a lot of Panda!.  Panda is a great fiber blend.  No, it does not include any fiber from an actual Panda bear.  It does include 60% super wash Merino wool with 30% rayon of bamboo and 10% nylon.  Because the nylon doesn't take up the acid dyes that work so well on the wool, the fiber is fabulously streaky once it's dyed. 

Between the bamboo which is super slick and the super wash wool which is slicker than regular wool, this fiber isn't something we use when we teach new spinners how to spin.  It is a wonderful fiber for anyone with a bit more spinning experience.

The blend is perfect for anyone who wants to knit socks or anything that will need frequent washing.  The bamboo is supposed to have anti-bacterial properties which would be a big help in a pair of socks.

I think we ended up with eight different colorways.  I don't know how much we dyed for sure but I'm guessing in the range of 10 to 15 pounds.  All the fiber is either draped over chairs out here in the studio or carefully laid out on sheets over my husband's work benches in his workshop.  We've had nice warm weather the past couple of days so it should all be dry and ready to bag and tag by tomorrow.