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Vintage Weaving Shuttles


These are beautiful end feed weaving shuttles from a bygone era.  They probably date from the mid-20th century.  They are in great condition for beauty and appreciation but not for actual weaving.  They have the "torpedo" or "bullet" shape with pointed metal tips for use in a fly shuttle system.  This is a system that shoots the shuttle back and forth across the weaving by the pull of a cord operated by the weaver.  It allows the weaver to create a much wider fabric than he/she could reach and it is much faster than manipulating the shuttle by hand.  It is the first step towards mechanical looms that do not require a weaver at all.  The fly shuttle system was invented in 1733 by John Kay but based on the fineness of these shuttles they are much younger than that.  

One shuttle has the end feed tensioning system in place while it is missing in the second shuttle.  These shuttles would have used pirns but despite my selection of pirns I can't find one that fits properly.  These shuttles were obviously well used.  The wood is smooth and the edges rounded.  All the metal shows slight corrosion and might benefit by a polishing.

These are lovely display items to go with your antique spinning wheel or weasel.

Size:  16" by 1.75" by 1.25"

Weight:  12.8 to 14.7 Ounces