Trees Kitchen Towel - Maple,

Trees Kitchen Towels

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There was a wonderful project by Nicolle McKenna in the March/April 2020 issue of Handwoven called Birch Bark Tea Towels and Dishcloths. I loved the idea of using cotton boucle yarn for the weft to add texture and absorbency.  And I loved the idea of bits of black in the weft which really makes the fabric look remarkably like birch bark.  But the plain weave sort of left me flat. I wanted more complexity in the background.

I added an 8 shaft pattern in the background but kept the white and grey stripes.  I started off with white boucle, then I used up all the other cotton boucle I had in my stash. The boucle makes the background pattern rather hard to see so I moved on to slick 8/2 cotton in solid and variegated foliage-like colors.  It was so much fun to try and figure out which trees I have here.

Fiber Content:  100% Cotton

Colors:  Grey, White, Brown

Shape:  Rectangular

Size:  Towels - About 20" by 26"

Yarn:  8/2 smooth cotton and boucle

Fiber Artist:  Penny Nelson

Care Instructions:  Machine wash in warm water.  Machine dry on delicate.