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Summer & Winter in Green Kitchen Towels,

Summer & Winter in Green Kitchen Towel


Summer and Winter is a weaving structure where you see mostly one yarn (the warp) on one side of the fabric and a different yarn (the weft) on the flip side - hence the name summer and winter.  Depending on the choice of yarns, the two sides can look very similar or radically different.  In this case the lighter color on one towel is the darker color on the other.

Please note - I brightened up the image so you could see the weave structure.  These towels are beautiful dark green.

Fiber Content – 100% Cotton

Color –  Dark Greens

Shape –  Rectangle

Size –  15" by 36"

Yarn -  100% Cotton

Fiber Artist - Charlene Schurch

Care Instructions: Machine wash in warm water; machine dry on delicate setting.