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Six Clip Fringe Twister

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A fringe twister is a very useful tool to help you manage the fringe you create on a scarf or shawl.  Sometimes you will want to let the fringe stay untwisted.  This works best for yarn that isn't likely to unravel - many wool yarns for example.  If you want to keep the fringe nicely secure, twist it into nice braids with a fringe twister.

Our fringe twisters are made for us by Jim Hokett, our good friend and master woodworker.  Jim uses fine exotic hardwoods for his creations.  These come with screw eyes on each side so you can hang it from a cord around your neck.  While this may not be important for a narrow scarf, its a life saver when you're working on a shawl with lots of fringe.  You can just keep twisting and tying without having to worry about how to hold the twister.

These fringe twisters have 6 clips so you can work on up to 3 fringes at once depending on how many yarns you want in each fringe.

Materials - Fine Exotic Hardwood, Chrome Plated Alligator Clips Welded to Brass Shafts

Size - About 4.5” by 3.5” by 2.5”