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Qiviut Scarf,
Qiviut Scarf,

Qiviut Scarf


This yarn comes from Banff, Canada with the sole purpose of keeping you warm in the winter.  OK.  Wait.  The other purpose of this scarf is to look completely stunning!  The scarf was knit with two strands of yarn held together - one is 100% qiviut and the second is 50% qiviut and 50% Silk.

Qiviut is the amazingly soft undercoat of the yak.  The yak is a large animal that lives in the frozen north, otherwise I might be looking for one to add to my fiber herd.  The fiber is very short and super warm.  In the wild, the yak rub against rocks and trees to help shed their winter coat.  The wonderful fiber that they rub off is collected and cleaned.  The process is very labor intensive so the fiber is much more expensive than other warm fluff.  Fortunately for us, you only need a bit of qiviut to keep you toasty warm.  It is a total delight!

Fiber Content -       75% Qiviut, 25% Silk

Color -                      Deep Rich Plum

Size -                        3" by 104" depending on how you block it

Fiber Artist -            Penny Nelson

Care Instructions - Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.