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Pure Ring Silk - Lime Green,

Pure Ring Silk


This beautiful commercial yarn came from a Saori shop in New York City.  We brought it back to Texas and dyed it this wonderful lime green/yellow.  The plan was to weave it along with the silk boucle we found at the same store.  I haven't gotten around to it yet so we are offering it to you.  We have two skeins, each 1000 yards.  Check out Silk Knots. You may want to weave them up together like I did.

Yarn Weight - Very Fine Lace

Fiber Content - 100% Silk

Knitting Details - 1 Ply, 8+ Stitches/Inch, Needle Size  0000 - 2

Skein Length - About 1000 Yards

Skein Weight - 1.9 Ounces

Care Instructions - Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.

Our yarn is wound into hanks. If you would like us to wind the yarn into balls for easier knitting or weaving, please let us know. We are happy to provide this service at no charge. Please note this may require cutting the yarn if the hank has too many yards to be wound into a single ball.