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Natural Hemp Spinning Fiber

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Hemp is a cellulouse bast fiber similar to flax, ramie, bamboo, jute and kenaf.  It can be used as the source of rayon production as bamboo commonly is.  Or it can be processed like flax which produces a natural fiber.  The flax process is much more labor intensive but does not require a factory.

Our hemp comes in two versions.  The Top is natural fiber that has been chopped to make for easier spinning.  The Strick is the natural length hemp fibers and is very similar to spinning lone line flax.  I was surprised to find hemp strick and really excited to try spinning it.  As it turns out, I haven't tried it.  You need to send me pictures of your yarn and a critique of the fiber when you're finished.

Fiber Content - 100% Hemp

Color - Natural Beige

Weight - About 7 Ounces

Source - Top is from Louet, Stick is from Wild Fibers

Care Instructions - Machine wash; lay flat to dry.