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Misty Heather Knitted Shawl,
Misty Heather Knitted Shawl,

Misty Heather Knitted Shawl


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This was a fun quick knit using larger sized knitting needles and thicker yarn than I usually knit a shawl with.  I started with a pattern but I'm not going to list the name since I changed almost everything.  All the yarn is handspun.    

Fiber Content :  CVM x Wensleydale Wool, CVM Wool, Merino Wool, Mohair, Bamboo, Firestar.

Color:  Greys with a little pop of Purple

Shape :  Triangle

Size:  About 42" by 114"

Yarn:  Handspun CVM x Wensleydale Wool, Handspun CVM Wool, Handspun Merino Wool, Bamboo, Firestar, Handspun Mohair/Wool Blend

Fiber Artist:  Penny Nelson 

Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.

While we often photograph our shawls hanging on a hanger, the best way to store a shawl is folded.