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Kalispell - Cochineal w/Alum,
Kalispell - Cochineal w/Copper,
Kalispell - Indigo w/Chrome,
Kalispell - Logwood w/Chrome,
Kalispell - Madder w/Alum,
Kalispell - Madder w/Chrome,
Kalispell - Onion Skins w/Alum,
Kalispell - Onion Skins w/Chrome,
kalispell - Onion Skins w/Copper,
Kalispell - Osage Orange w/Chrome,
Kalispell - Penumbria,
Kalispell - Tangelo,
Kalispell - Tangelo Light,
Kalispell - Umpqua River,
Kalispell - Vagabond,

Kalispell - CLEARANCE!


This yarn usually sells for $20 but is now priced at $10!

We first tried out this yarn a couple of years ago but even though we loved it it somehow got lost in the shuffle.  Thank goodness we rediscovered it.  This is a sturdy yarn perfect for high wear and tear items like kid's sweaters or scarves and hats you could wear everyday without wearing them out.  It still has it's Merino wool softness but the 4 ply base and high twist make it ever so strong.

Yarn Weight -          Worsted Weight

Fiber Content –      100% Merino Wool

Knitting Details -    4 Ply, 4-5 Stitches/Inch, Needle Size 7-9

Skein Length –       250 Yards

Skein Weight -        3.7 Ounces

Care Instructions - Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.

 Our yarn is wound into hanks. If you would like us to wind the yarn into balls for easier knitting or weaving, please let us know. We are happy to provide this service at no charge. Please note this may require cutting the yarn if the hank has too many yards to be wound into a single ball.