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Drop Spindle by Tracy Eichheim,

Gently Used Drop Spindle by Tracy Eichheim


Drop spindles were a very early invention in the history of spinning fiber into yarn.  Every civilization discovered has some evidence of spinning on some sort of spindle.  Up to the invention of the first spinning wheel in the late 1300's, a spindle was the cutting edge of spinning technology.  Today they can be found in a multitude of sizes and designs.  We carry inexpensive and sturdy spindles made by Schacht Spindle Company that spin beautifully.  They are a great place to start on your spinning adventure.  But we also have various other spindles that may catch you eye and your imagination.  

We ran into Tracy at the Taos Wool Festival one year and I fell in love with this Kokopelli spindle.  It spins beautifully and I've always loved how it feels in my hands.  Unfortunately, the growing arthritis in my hands has limited the time I can spend with a drop spindle so I'm making it available to you.

This rim weighted spindle weighs in at 30 grams.  The decorative skill saw work is in Baltic Birch while the rim is Walnut.