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My eye is always drawn to batts that have some sparkle.  Sometimes is a bit of sparkle like in this skein, sometimes it's a massive amount of sparkle.  Maybe I'm related to the Magpie.... or perhaps to a Niffler.

Yarn Weight - Bulky Weight

Fiber Content - Merino Wool, Bamboo, Firestar, Brushed Mohair, Nylon

Knitting Details - 2 Ply, 3-4 Stitches/Inch, Needle Size 10-11

Skein Length - 190 Yards

Skein Weight - 3.7 Ounces

Fiber Artist - Penny Nelson

Care Instructions:  Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.

Our yarn is wound into hanks. If you would like us to wind the yarn into balls for easier knitting or weaving, please let us know. We are happy to provide this service at no charge. Please note this may require cutting the yarn if the hank has too many yards to be wound into a single ball.