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Crocodile Scarf - Blue,
Crocodile Scarf - Green,

Crocodile Scarf


Peggy taught a great crochet class a while back in Oxford, MS on creating and using the crocodile stitch.  This scarf is her creation.  The crocodile stitch looks like scales on a crocodile.  It uses a large amount of yarn to create so a scarf that was all crocodile would be really heavy.  Peggy's creation uses sections of crocodile stitch at either end for a scarf that will stay put when you toss it around your neck.

Fiber Content - 100% Merino Wool

Size - 4.5" by 60" for the Green Scarf, 4.5" by 64" for the Blue Scarf

Fiber Artist - Peggy Barnette

Care Instructions - Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.