Creative Cloth by Anita Luvera Mayer, Video,

Creative Cloth by Anita Luvera Mayer

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Anita Luvera Mayer believes there should be something magical and unique in what we wear each day. In this video workshop, she shares her creative approach and teaches a variety of innovative and fun embellishment techniques you can use to make creative cloth for any purpose.

You'll learn to make colorful and surprising designs using a variety of dye and discharge techniques, and how to add interest, texture, and sparkle to cloth with beading, crochet and more, plus dozens more ideas for making simple, flattering, joyful garments and accessories from handwoven cloth.

  • Discover ways to design your own creative wardrobe using Anita's philosophy of simple uniforms accented with unique coverings.
  • See Anita's creative process which includes a wide collection of journals where she keeps all the ideas and inspiration she's collected over the years.
  • Learn to embellish with color through techniques such as discharge, bleeding tissue, and fabric paints.
  • Learn applied embellishment techniques including crocheted cords, stacked beading, and wrapped rings
  • Gain inspiration with dozens of examples that Anita has waiting for you.

Every fiber artist will enjoy this in-depth exploration of fabric and garment design.