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Cochineal Shawl
Cochineal Shawl

Cochineal Shawl


This is a shawl in our series of The Naturals shawls made with all hand spun yarns which are either the natural color of the wool or have been dyed with historic dyes. This shawl contains grey, dark grey and brown natural colored wool. The rose colored yarn was dyed with cochineal. The shawls in this series are perfect for any period re-enactment and are warm and beautiful.

Fiber Content –     Wool and Mohair

Color –                    Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown and Rose

Shape –                  Triangle

Size –                      68" by 36" with 9" Straight Fringe

Yarn –                      Hand Spun Wool/Mohair Blend

Fiber Artist -           Penny Nelson.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.

While we often photograph our shawls hanging on a hanger, the best way to store a shawl is folded.