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Canvas Weave Scarf,
Canvas Weave Scarf,

Canvas Weave Scarf - Summer Closeout Sale!

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We usually run to natural fibers - wool, silk, mohair, cotton, linen.  I think this is the first and only scarf we have ever offered in polyester.  But this polyester is wonderful.  It might not be quite as warm as mohair or qiviut but should be plenty warm enough unless you are planning a trip to the north pole.  One of the other advantages of polyester is it's strength to stand up to abuse.  While we still suggest hand washing, this one shouldn't be bothered by repeated washing and general hard use.

Fiber Content - 100% Polyester

Size: 8.5" by 58" with 3" Twisted Fringe

Fiber Artist - Charlene Schurch

Care Instructions - Hand wash in warm water; lay flat to dry.