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Hand Dyed Commercial Yarn

We love dyeing yarn.  It arrives here in large bundles of white and leaves the dye shed in magical colors.  We use many different techniques to dye our yarn but our processes are all very "seat of the pants."  Reproducibility is definately not our thing.  If you see some yarn you like, be sure to buy plenty for your project because the chances of us coming up with the same color again are slim.  Please note - all the skeins of yarn that come out of a single dye pot are named the same but that does NOT mean they all look exactly the same.  It is the nature of our dye process that some parts of the pot will have more or less dye or the colors will not be in quite the same porportion.  We strongly suggest that you knit/weave/crochet your project using all skeins of yarn or the beginning and end of the skein at the same time.  This will tend to make the final colors more uniform.  If you need skeins that are very similar, please call us.  We can let you know what your best options are and send you more pictures to help your decision along.