Tree Trimming

Every year or so we need to get our trees trimmed.  We have quite a few tall oak trees including the largest of them which dominates out back yard.  Dead limbs needs to be removed and limbs that are brushing the roofs need to be lifted.  We need to drive under the trees with the mower, the tractor, trucks and cars and the mule so we need headroom. The trees that were large when we bought this place are even larger now. And the ones we planted are large enough to need pruning also.


Over the years we have had several companies do the actual trimming.  All of them have hired workers that can only be described at certifiably crazy.  Not crazy like they would do anyone any harm but crazy enough to scamper up the trees, hang by ropes, lean off the roof of the barn to trim limbs that are 30 feet off the ground and use a chain saw at the end of a very long pole.  All of this goes to the reason we hire people to do the trimming. Neither Ron nor I need to up on any roof at this time in our lives.

It always amazes me how much more open and airy the property feels after the trees are trimmed.  We still have good shade but we also have more breeze and more sun can get to the grass under the trees.  It's all a good thing.