Hand Felted Dryer Balls

I think it all started at a fiber festival somewhere.  Dryer balls.  Really?  Why would I want to put felted fiber balls into my dryer?  There is a good reason and it turns out that we love them.  They bounce around in the dryer and soften your clothes without the addition of fabric softener.  They help the clothes to dry faster because they don't let them clump.  They keep the clothes moving.  They are a good thing.

The first dryer balls I saw were made of either alpaca or llama.  They weren't felted into a very hard ball.  They still had some give to them.  They worked OK but I wasn't completely in love until we found the ones made of wool that were really firmly felted.  Then we decided to make them.

We have had ones of mixed colors in the past although all the ones we have now are white.  They are hand felted for us by our friend Abby who is also a very talented spinner.  Abby is very busy and we are thrilled with whatever time she can give us.  Right now we have three packages of dryer balls on the website.  There are four balls to each package.  Grab them if you are interested as I don't expect they will be there for very long.