Is it finally going to be fall?

Fall in this part of the country is sometimes hard to pinpoint.  We usually have a short tease of cool weather sometime in September before the high heat returns to laugh at us but by this time in November, almost Thanksgiving, we have usually moved from hot late summer into more fall like weather.  It looks like it will really happen this weekend.  We've had some delightful cool mornings so far but nothing long enough to warrant unpacking our sweatshirts.  The weather people are predicting early morning temps in 30's for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

We have had enough rain that the property is nice and green.  We've cleaned out the garden beds and added fall color.

I have laid in a barn full of hay, the rose bushes still have some roses left but the 4 O' clocks are mostly finished with blooms and are concentrating on seeds.

There are red berries popping out on many of the evergreens and the lemons and oranges are beginning to turn the right color.  They are usually ripe to eat about Christmas time!


I think all of these things taken together mean that fall really is here.  At least I hope so.  Of course, that doesn't mean we won't need our air conditioning between now and Christmas - or on Christmas, for that matter. 

Tomorrow both Peggy and I will be at Liendo Plantation in Hempstead, TX for their Civil War weekend.  The plantation opens at 9 am and the battle starts at 2 pm.  We will be sitting at our spinning wheels either out in front of the big house under the trees or - if it's really cold and windy, we may be up on the front porch.  Come early and spend some time shopping along Suttler's Row, watching the demonstrations out in front of the house and walking among the soldier's campsites.  Both the Army of the Confederacy and the Union Army are represented and you can see soldiers all throughout the day on the grounds dressed as they would have been during the Civil War.  There is food to eat, music to enjoy, demonstrations to watch and lots to be learned about this time in our history.  We hope to see you there!