The Guild's Fall Sale

Our local guild is the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston, CHH for short.  It's a great guild full of incredibly talented weavers and spinners.  I don't make many of the meetings because they are on Thursday evenings and at our new Guild House which is wonderful but 80 miles from me.  We never miss the fall sale though.

I have been weaving up a storm this past week getting my items close enough to ready that I can count them and get them loaded onto my inventory sheet.  Bob, our talented and attentive computer geek (and I use the word geek with all the love in the world because Bob is a delightful man who makes our fall sale run) will print out sales tags and send them to me.  I'll add them to my items and drop the whole bundle at the Guild House the week before the sale.  Sounds very straight forward.

The only fly in the ointment is not keeping up with all the weaving and having to rush around and get it all done frantically at the end.  That would be me.  But as I said at the beginning of this I have been weaving up a storm.

I have 16 linen face cloths all set to go.  I'm waiting on the hand made soap that will go along with each cloth.  Lori Talbot is our soap maker and my soap is curing at her house even as I write this.  We will meet up at some point for the soap transfer.


I just pulled the last five green and natural kitchen towels off the loom last night.  They have been washed and tagged and I'll get them hemmed between now and the sale which is October 22-24th.


I've pulled together over 20 skeins of hand spun yarn for the sale.  This part was almost cheating because they were already washed and measured and tagged.  Without the fall sale they would be destined for the website.


Next will be the rugs.  I wove them earlier this year but haven't measured or priced them yet.  And there may be some surprises added to the list also.  We'll see.


The final job is the 12 yards of warp in natural cottolin sitting on Peggy's Norwood loom.  I need to weave it off but couldn't decide on a pattern.  The loom is four shafts rather than the eight I'm used to so I couldn't use any of my most favorite patterns.  Four shafts just calls out for a twill of some sort.  I've been playing with Fiberworks design software and came up with a fun twill design that I should be able to treadle with no problems.  I always have issues with complicated treadling sequences - I keep loosing my place and it makes me crazy.

So the bottom line is I have 12 yards to weave hopefully resulting in 11 or 12 kitchen towels to tag and hem along with the 5 kitchen towels sitting here right now that I need to hem.

Yes, must weave faster....