We have had a pretty horrible heat wave of late.  No, our temperatures haven't been totally unusual but rather at the high end of "normal" but going on for days and days and days.  Any time it's over 100 degrees its pretty miserable and after an unusually wet and cool spring it feels all the worse. And there has been no rain.  At least, there has been no rain out here.  Other parts of Houston have gotten wet a bit but not us.

That is not to say we haven't had some close calls.  There have been afternoons when we could see the rain.  We've had times when the clouds built up and the wind picked up and the thunder boomed - just no rain.  And we need the rain. 

When you look off across the pastures you see green.  But when you walk the pastures you see up close how little green there is compared to all the brown.

They say the dome of high pressure has moved off this part of the country and that we have a better chance for rain in the next few days than we have had in the last month.  They say we have a 30% chance of some rain this afternoon.  I hope they know what they're talking about!