Yellow Rose Fiber Festival

It's been a very athletic week.  Last Wed afternoon Peggy was able to get out here so we could pack up.  Last weekend was the very first Yellow Rose Fiber Festival in Seguin, TX.  We got pretty much everything packed so when she came back Thurs morning we could load the trailer.  It's only an hour and a half drive from my place to Seguin, which seems like just around the corner compared to other shows we've done.  We drove over Thurs evening so we could be up bright and early on Fri to set up our booth.  Thanks to Mike, Peggy's husband, for building the spinning wheels we brought so they would be ready for spinning when the booth opened at 1 pm.

Having done a wide variety of shows in the past few years, I think a three or four day show is the best length.  It spaces out the setting up and the tearing down but isn't so long we start to get really tired.  The Yellow Rose show was only two days - a very good beginning to what we hope will be an annual event - but that meant setting up on Fri and tearing down on Sat after being open for business all day.  We decided ahead of time that we would stay over and come home early Sun morning.  It turned out to be the correct decision.  We were exhausted by the time we got the trailer loaded Sat night.  We got home at a civilized time on Sun and unloaded the trailer.

I've spend the last several days unpacking and getting all our stuff put away - but cleaning the studio along the way so it's taken me longer.  And I'm not quite finished yet.  I still have large black trash bags full of fiber to put up but most of the yarn and finished goods are where they should be.  There is a stack of empty bins to be taken up to the loft but I've made good progress.

The Yellow Rose Fiber Festival was great!  The facility is lovely with comfortable air conditioning, nice bathrooms, easy parking, a perfectly acceptable concession stand and ramps for loading and unloading.  Every person we dealt with was accommodating, efficient and pleasant.  You couldn't ask for anything more.  This festival is the brain child of Karla and Joe Herre of Windmill Crest Alpacas in Seguin.  We have already signed up for next year, which has been expanded to three days.  Yea!  Check out the Yellow Rose website for the list of vendors.  Great vendors!

So I feel like I've been lifting, moving, packing, unpacking, shifting, loading, unloading and adjusting daily for a week.  I think that's because I have been.  I had a twinge in my lower back yesterday but was careful and didn't do anything stupid to make it an issue.  This morning I went out to shear my goats and realized I had four large plants that needed to get into their new pots.  I got them all plotted but with more significant twinges in my back.  I guess the goats will have to wait one more day.