HCC Textile Group

We were a field trip destination on Friday for a group studying textiles at Houston Community College.  What a great group!   I think they had about as much fun as we did.  At least I hope so.  The weather was rotten.  We had overcast skies all day and intermittent rain with the likelihood of heavy downpours.  Even with that impending weather issue and the drive out from Houston, it was a nice sized group.  We walked out to the pastures to check on the animals and talked about the fibers they produce and the general management of fiber animals.  We looked at various fleeces to compare and contrast their characteristics.  We talked about fiber preparation and spinning.

We did a mini natural dye workshop using indigo, madder, weld and marigolds.  I had mordanted the yarns on Thurs so we could just have the fun of watching the colors.  Everyone had a chance to dip dye some yarn and play with different colored acid dyes.

We taught a little bit of spinning and may have made a convert.  It was great!