Curtains and Visitors

I have been weaving fabric to be used as curtains for both the studio and my house.  It's been a slow weaving project but I think I've got about half of the 15 yard warp woven.  I took the first several yards I wove off the loom to be washed and to give me a chance to see how they would work as curtains.  The fabric came off the loom very stiff.  It's cottolin as a warp and thin linen as the weft.  I was very pleased with the way it came out of the dryer soft and and supple.  It will make lovely curtains.

But to hang curtains I will need curtain rods.   I've been looking for some that are dark metal and sort of minimalist.  I don't need big and fancy just simple with clean lines.  I never did find anything I would consider perfect but I did find some that will work.  I brought them home last week and intended to get them all put up myself.  Well, that didn't work.  I realized I was never going to be able to screw in the very long screws.  I asked my husband to help and over the next several days he got all seven curtain rods hung up in my studio.  Thanks, Honey!

In order to get a ladder up to each window, we had to move most of the furniture in the studio.  My desk was fine where it was and the super huge Cranbrook loom, being out in the middle of the room, didn't need to be moved.  Pretty much everything else did.  Well, if we are going to move all the furniture anyway I though I would re-think my furniture arrangement.  So, of course, much of the furniture ended up being re-arranged.  The studio was pretty much a disaster zone for all of last week...

I still have a lot more fabric to weave to make my curtains.  In the mean time I have been weaving narrow panels on my new Saori loom and now that I have curtain rods I have places to hang up all my fun weaving.

I'm really happy with my fun funky narrow curtain panels.  For now they block out the late afternoon sun so I can work in the studio.  When I get the rest of the curtain fabric finished I'll have to re-think my curtain designs.  Maybe intersperse the narrow curtain panels with the wider ones.  Not sure yet.

I picked a less than perfect week to tear the studio apart.  All of the upheaval had to be rectified by this past Sunday morning.  We had four lovely ladies from Shiner, TX come by.  They had a fun girl's weekend at Blisswood Bed & Breakfast in Cat Spring, TX and stopped by here on their way home.  They have varied interests but may come back for a day long class in weaving or spinning or both.  They were fun and we hope to see them again soon.

It took quite a bit of work to get everything back in order by Sunday morning but we managed it.  Ron took some stuff up to the loft for me and Peggy helped with the final arrangements.  All in all, I'm pleased with the new order of things.  The next upset with be washing the windows next week.  It really needs to get done!